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Hi there! I'm Andrew, and I'm a college grad, freelance digital artist, and bird fan. While I like to experiment often, I primarily focus in character designing, illustrating, and pixel work.

Thanks so much for visiting!!


  • (If you see an edit that neocities logged but I haven't here, it's most likely me making very small updates/fixes/adding images!)

  • 4/23/24: Starting on a new domain + I got back as my url! Yahoo!!
  • 1/15/24: ...Been a while, huh? Added a dedicated comics and animations page to my projects page, as well as my short comic Awards Ceremony.
  • 12/27/23: More Sominatory updates, added 2 dreams and added quick jumps by month. Also added another site to links!
  • 12/14/23: Little links update!
  • 11/11/23: Sominatory update, four new dreams added.
  • 11/11/23: My subsite for my dreams (or, the best of, really), Sominatory, is now live! Go read about the weird things my brain decides to plague me with when I sleep.
  • 11/8/23: Smaller edit this week, spruced up + added 2 new sections to the 'things I like' section of my about.
  • 11/1/23: Nor's up on the characters page + bonus commentary!!
  • 10/24/23: Timekeeper has been added to my characters page!
  • 10/23/23: THE BIG CRUNCH (compressed pretty much all of my images! Only 4% of storage used now (wahoo)).
  • 10/18/23: (actively running away from a deathray) updated + extended about! Laus has also been added to my characters page.
  • 10/10/23: Commission information's finally here! Yipee.
  • 10/3/23: Onsite character index now live, with a whopping one (1) guy!
  • 9/29/23: Changed some (I think just my 404, really??) file sources due the whole discord thing. Oops.
  • 9/22/23: Some small edits, including adding the edit mention above, instructions for the gallery sections, and a no js message.
  • 9/14/23: squidring!!!
  • 9/13/23: Site's basically done... Whew..
  • 9/12/23: Large bulk of the site coded!... The portfolio section's definitely the last hurdle, haha. Sitemap's live, too- hooray!
  • 9/10/23: I'm alive... I'm born... (Bare bones of site coded)

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