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My commission information and status, as well as how to order!

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Examples and prices:

General Artwork/IllustrationsPixel ArtCharacter Designs

Contact Information and Ordering:

Place an order/make an inquiry


Smalls ◈ Open


Small, fully rendered fullbody character illustrations made to fit within the square proprtions of an icon.

Headshot ◈ Open


No extra charge for patterned background, +$15 for complicated background (rendered scene)

A fully rendered headshot (may range into bust-halfbody territory depending on artist's choice). Comes with a simple gradient background by default.

Fullbody ◈ Varies (Ask)


+$10 for partial background (scene elements implied), +$20 for detailed background (fully rendered scene)

Fully rendered and coloured large fullbody. Comes with an experimental square background or gradient circle by default.

Scene ◈ Closed

Variable, starts at $100+

A halfbody at minimum (multiple fullbodies at maximum) with a detailed background and foreground.

Pixel Artwork

Currently not offering any commissions in this style until I work things out. Check back later!

Character Designs

Single Fullbody ◈ Varies (Ask)


(Redesigns of old designs that I have created start at $35 (if I don't want to redesign the design, please respect my wishes!). Redesigns of a design not created by me will still be full price.)

A single fullbody of the design, including separate files (shaded version, unshaded version). Price depends on complexity of the design.

Reference Sheet ◈ Varies (Ask)


+$10 per extra original (brand new lineart) fullbody
+$15 (and upwards for extensive detail) if the second fullbody is an entirely new design separate from the original design (eg; a dragon form for a humanoid character)
+$5 per extra detail (side drawings, elaborate outfits, etc.)

Shaded fullbodies alongside extra headshots, fullbodies, and busts to express extra information. Comes with one extra fullbody with a complementary outfit design, an extra headshot, and 1-2 extra details if wanted by default for no additional cost.

Place An Order / Make An Inquiry

To order a commission from me/place an inquiry about commissions, please message me on any site I'm active at [Toyhouse / Tumblr], Email [[email protected]], via discord [synoicus] (please note that is my work discord, I will ignore anyone I'm not familiar with attempting to use this as a social discord. If you have my personal discord, feel free to order there!), or by email [[email protected]].

You can utilize the following templates to order, or make an inquiry if the commission type says 'variable':

For general/all commissions:

  • NAME: [Your username here]
  • TYPE OF ART: [eg; single fullbody design, fullbody pixel, etc. If ordering a custom, I'll send you a secondary form just for customs.]
  • REFERENCE: [Paste your reference/character's URL here]
  • MANDATORY DETAILS: [things that are absolutely necessary for me to know go here, for example, character details, backgrounds, etc.]
  • ADDITIONAL NOTES: [notes here]
  • Is this a gift? Yes/No (if yes, please give me their username(s)).
  • Do you agree to my TOS? Y/N

For design commissions (please include this with the other form!):

  • Appearance: (masc, femme, etc)
  • General Ideas For The Design:
  • General Personality Of The Design:
  • Fashion Style (if clothed):
  • [Optional] Any photos (moodboards, aesthetic pictures, simple doodles) you want/can provide? They're very helpful for getting the exact thing done, but not necessary, especially since I'll be sending multiple WIPs as I go:
  • Any other things I need to know?:

By placing an order, you must have read and agreed to my TOS.

Thank you so much for checking my commissions out!