PRONOUNS they/them
AGE pretty old!
SPECIES archangel
ROLE comfort character

A kindly archangel, Koronos, or far more known as Timekeeper, uses their mastery over time in order to help passed beings relive their last days out. Even the evil ones (who want to make amends, of course)! They do their best to make sure that every being they can help can find some closure, no matter who or what they were- after all, they understand the pain of loss and being lost, and if they can aid that or help others, they'll do their best.
Their kindness lends them to being sought out by all kinds of individuals, from good hearted people who wish to seek out their lost loved ones from lamenting souls who've wished to make amends. However, more than one individual has had the idea to abuse their second chance- just to find out their time had been rewound just as easily as it had been undone.
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