Synoicus logo. Features a crown shape with a bird in it. 'Synoicus' is in text below.

Hi there- I'm Andrew, and I'm a college grad, freelance digital artist, and bird fan. While I like to experiment often, I primarily focus in character designing, illustrating, and pixel work.This site's essentially a placeholder/way to link my new site: please check it out!!

No extra charge for patterned background, +$15 for complicated background (fully rendered scene)
A fully coloured and shaded halfbody (may extend to knee up, no extra cost). Comes with a simple abstract background by default.

+$20 for partial background (scene elements implied)
+$35 for detailed background (fully rendered scene)
Fully rendered and coloured large fullbody. Comes with an experimental square background or gradient circle by default.

Variable, starting at $100+
Bust/fullbody, fully rendered with a detailed background and foreground elements.

Variable, starting at $60+
+$10 for extra, large scale details (eg; clothing reference, extremely detailed design) that require unique lines and/or more intensive work
+$15 for additional palettes/designs/new poses with unique lineart
If I'm designing something completely from scratch, please see my design section instead.
A fullbody (or more) of a pre-existing design, or an edit/species version of a pre-existing design. Comes with both a shaded version and an unshaded version.

A gif image that says 'PIXELS'.

Art drawn with the binary tool! Good for decorating pages with, or as icons.Many of these examples are aged/older! I'll likely replace them eventually with newer pieces.

Styled after the original Paper Mario's idle sprites, even using the dithered palette (by default, the character's original palette can be requested instead). Price fluctates based on character complexity/complexity of animation requested. All examples shown above would cost the base price.

100 x 100 headshot/bust up pixel icon with a bounce and a blink.

A fully shaded and rendered fullbody pixel. A small bounce animation (pictured above) can be added for free. Price fluctuates based on character complexity/if a more complicated animation is requested.

I'm not likely to do one of these if only because they take a ton of effort/time/the site I used to make GIFs is gone. However, if you want a quote/ping, just ask!
A fully hand animated smooth pixel icon, without shading. Price increases based on original frames, length, amount of character showing, complexity of animation requested, and complexity of the character.


All of the following rules are the most essential, bare-minimum rules, and if broken, will result in an instant blacklist.Please credit me initially if reposting the design, and don't remove my credit off of I'm Nor at Toyhouse, Synoicus at Twitter, tumblr, and deviantart (although DA is mostly here just for credit purposes). I'm not on any other site art-wise, so if you see me there, that's not me. /:^)Please, do not sell the design for a higher price than what you had purchased for it. You're free to add the cost of the art you've made and/or commissioned onto the resale cost! With that said, please do not mass produce your own art only intending to resell the character at a high price. (Making a lot of art because you genuinely like the character is fine! It's only an issue if your only intention is to increase the design's worth.)If my design has my logo on it (usually on the side, like a signature), please do not remove my logo, be it by cropping, blurring, erasing, etc. This includes my old logo and my new logo!If you've obtained the design for free from me (trade, gift, raffle, draw to adopt, etc.) they may not be sold for any real monetary value, but they can be traded and gifted! (There are some exceptions, being if you genuinely need the money for an emergency situation. Please discuss this with me before proceeding, though.)As stated in my commission half of the TOS, none of my art is available to be tokenized/turned into an NFT/etc. If you do this, you will be both blocked and blacklisted, and possibly, warned about publicly as most artists have a no NFT rule regarding their art as well.If you sell the character on a site I am not on, please link my TOS! And if the character already has a toyhouse, please notify me before deleting their profile, I use toyhouse as a personal masterlist.Copying and colourpicking my designs to create your own designs, or selling my designs without any authority to sell them is not allowed. I'm completely fine with inspiration, but 1 to 1 copies or copies that are over 85% similar, especially to make a profit are a no.


△ I'll need an email to invoice you with- I can either ask for one via Paypal, or Square.△ Please pay within 24 hours (for pre-made designs). I am willing to extend the time if you've communicated clearly why you could not or beforehand, but otherwise, the design will be put back on for sale/trade/etc. I may not make the 24 hour limit myself (I am a busy college student); you are fully allowed any hours that I am absent too to pay without an explanation.△ Trades involving art (with certain exceptions) must be done within a (relatively) timely manner- I'm very much willing to wait! But if it's taken you over six months without good explanation alongside other factors, the design will be put back up for trade.△ Please do not hide bids/offers. I'd prefer if you just stated 'sorry, I have to back out' or something along the lines - things happen!


These rules are all just to provide clarity on what can be done/what cannot be done with my designs- I know it's a little bit long, but it's here to make things clearer (not everything here will be relevant to your situation). If you're looking for something in specific, try Ctrl + F to find what you're seeking.Q: Can I change the design?
△ Please feel free to change the design however you like! However, if you're making extremely drastic changes (large-scale edits, or completely new forms and/or lineart), you cannot edit my original art - please draw these changes yourself. Hueshifts and smaller edits are perfectly ok with the original art!
Additionally, even if the edit is drastic, please keep the two designs together and credit assigned to me for the original when selling/trading them.Q: Can I co-own a design of yours?
△ Co-owning is allowed, but will not be officially recorded by me, and will be managed by the people involved. I will not solve nor manage disputes.
Q: Can I make rules for a design of yours? (eg; "sell only to me, you can only sell once you've made 8 pieces of art", etc.)
△ Please don't add on any of your own rules (this includes regarding co-owning, payment, and/or trading) onto my designs that don't exist on this TOS. You can ask someone to ping you if they're selling/trading and smaller rules akin to that, but otherwise, no other rules can be added on by you.
Q: Can I make a species based off of your design?
△ Please ask me before making a species of my design, especially a closed (and for profit) species. I'd rather have you make an open species, but regardless of either, please ask me first, and if I give you permission, please credit me somewhere for the original concept - thanks!
Q: Can I split the design?
△ You may split the character into alternate forms; for example, you are allowed to create "Nor" and "Anti-Nor" and treat them as if they were separate characters, or make a humanoid form for a creature design. However, if sold or traded, the spin-off design must be sold/traded along with the original design. You may also assign additional design credit to yourself, but credit must primarily be assigned to me. Any extra art on these other forms is able to be added onto the base resale price, though!
Q: May I make sibling designs/designs related to your design?
△ You are completely free to create characters that bear some likeness to them (siblings, relatives, etc), but they cannot be clones of the original design, and the design must be approved by me if it's very similar (more than 85%) to the original design. However, you are allowed to sell/trade these designs as you have designed them, and are allowed to give yourself credit for them - they're also not bound to my TOS.
Q: So on that note, what is considered "too close" to be a sibling design?
This guide was created quite a while ago, but still fits the general idea/expectations I have for a sibling design versus an alternate form. (This is a clickable link.)
Q: Can your designs be used as breedable designs?
Please, do not use my designs as "breedables" (designs used solely to make more designs to sell based off of the original design). Like above, you're free to make children/siblings/etc, but not for the sole intention of profit.
Q: May I make merchandise of the design/may I use your designs commercially?
△ Commercial use in the small/independent sense (eg; comics, personal/small scale merch, games, novels, charms, prints, etc) is completely ok (in fact, please show me! I think that's really neat!) Mass-produced/corporate commercial use (eg; mass-produced larger items such as plushes, t-shirts, funded campaigns, etc) will have to be discussed.
Ultimately, please try to be fair with whoever you're involving in your trades/sales/etc. (including me!)


My blacklist is private, and your information nor identity will never be publicly posted online unless the circumstances are dire (eg; severe harassment, major monetary fraud, etc). If you've offered on a design of mine while blacklisted, you may not be responded to.If you ask why you've been blacklisted (civilly, and by DMs), I'll DM you back with why, and possibly photo evidence if you request it (if I can provide it - if evidence has been deleted/cannot be obtained, I'll do my best to explain, but I can't do more than that) and explain anything that you wish need be explained. Any designs of mine that you own will never be revoked, even if blacklisted, and will remain in your possession unless you haven't paid for them. Please be civil, I am completely open to discussing your blacklist status and I fully understand that people make mistakes.



△ Order via PMs on any site I am at (be it Twitter DMs, PMs) or by email @ You can do the latter on this site, here.△ Please do not pay me until I have confirmed I will take your commission.I only use PayPal or Square for payment, and only in USD. All payment must be upfront unless stated otherwise.△ If you need the payment to be split up for larger payments, I'm fine with accommodating as long as we discuss beforehand. However, until payment is complete, all WIP images will be watermarked and smaller size than the full image.△ All prices are listed on this site- as shown on their individual pages, prices may vary based on complexity.


△ I will refund you immediately if you request a refund before I have started your commission. However, if I have started, I will refund you only by certain amounts depending on how far the commission has progressed. You will be given your commission in the state it was cancelled at, unless the payment hasn't been met fully. Please be absolutely sure that you have the financial ability and desire for a commission before ordering!_If your commission has been lined with clean lines (around 25% finished), I will refund you 75% of your payment. If your commission is at least 50% done (at this point, it has been fully coloured and clean lined) I will refund you 25% of your payment. Anything further (at this point, your commission is at or over 90% finished), I will not refund you.△ If I am in any way unable to complete your commission due to personal circumstances, I will explain why, and fully refund you.△ I will cancel your commission if payment is not received within 48 hours and the absence of payment is not explained for. It's completely understandable if there are technical and/or physical difficulties, so if you do encounter some, please inform me beforehand.△ I will correct any mistakes as asked for before the art is finalized; however, if you have not mentioned it before the art is fully finished, I will not correct it. Please be direct with what you want; if you have "implied" something, I may not be able to include it.If I have made a mistake due to an extremely unclear reference, I will not correct it.I will be able make very minor alterations for you, even at the end as long as they aren't too meticulous. If the request is unreasonably minor (eg; "this character's marking is three pixels off from how I like it"), I will not do it.


△ Please communicate with me on what you want; and please be very clear. I want to be absolutely as accurate as I can be to your needs, but I cannot do as such without communication and details from you.△ I will communicate on the site/format you've messaged me on, or one you prefer (that I've already listed).△ I am willing to work with written description with non-design work commissions to an extent - however, please bring along other materials to help me conceptualize what you exactly want (eg; a picture of a cheetah for a character with cheetah markings). If I make minor mistakes when given only text, I will not correct them.△ You can request up to a maximum of 5 WIP images throughout the commission process. I will also send a few myself (they will not be counted among the 5 WIPs you can request) to ask your opinion before continuing onward with your commission.△ Don't be afraid to ask about the progress of your commission- however, please be civil while doing so.△ If you are not civil with me, your commission will be cancelled and your payment completely refunded. I may reuse the lineart, base pose, or design for other pieces as long as they don't breach your own copyright as a result of all finances being refunded. I may cut off contact or take further actions if needed. If the case is serious enough that I have to cut contact, I will not send you the artwork done within the commission.


In comparison to regular commissions, regarding custom designs, I'll send far more WIP images and generally communicate with you as I design since I wish to make a design that you genuinely will like! However, please keep these in mind:△ If you want the design to have a certain palette, please supply me with it beforehand.△ Like stated above, I work best with visual guides: if you have a complicated element you'd like included and/or a precise look that you'd like a design to have, please provide visual examples alongside text. Both photos and/or rough sketches are fine!△ For original/non fan character design work, I will create character designs that are inspired by existing IPs (individual properties, eg: Pokemon, Super Mario, etc) with very loose interpretation/focus on inspiration, but absolutely not slight deviation nor copy. Please do not attempt to make me design that is similar to an existing IP character dishonestly.△ While I am a lot more loose with sending custom WIPs and changing a custom design, if you request significant changes on/of a major element after it has passed prior approval (and is essentially finished), I will charge per edit based on complexity of said edit.


△ As the artist, I retain all rights to the work done. I may use your commission as an example image for my commissions unless you've said otherwise. You may not use my work commercially unless we've discussed in depth otherwise, especially if you're using it as an NFT.△ All character designs I have created are bound to the rules of my DESIGN section of my TOS.△ Do not claim the artwork as your own- please credit me if re-uploaded.△ Personal use of the artwork is completely okay, such as small stickers, prints, usage as an icon, and small edits are fine as long as my signature is not altered and credit is given.As stated in my design half of the TOS, none of my art is available to be tokenized/turned into an NFT/etc. If you do this, you will be both blocked and blacklisted.△ You are not allowed to use the artwork given to you to make merchandise nor to advertise, be it for profit or non-profit. The only "exception" is merchandise of character designs as stated in my DESIGN TOS.△ Do not remove my signature or edit it (via cropping, distortion, etc). This includes the alteration of both my logo and my signature.△ I will deliver the art via PNG files. You may request another image format, though. I will not give you the files (.psd, .csp, etc) of the artwork.△ If a custom wip is not to your liking, I may resell/reuse the scrapped design.△ I will likely post your commission to my various profiles. Please tell me beforehand if you do not wish for me to do so- if I cannot post the commission anywhere, please do not upload the image to a social media site. The only exception are sites for art/character storage, such as Toyhouse.


△ I will be drawing in my style; I will not draw in any other style unless specified beforehand. Please be sure that you like my style before ordering a commission.△ I reserve the right to decline any commission, whether it is because I believe I cannot do the task successfully to my standards or I wish to not do the task. I may or may not specify why I have or have not.△ I make a lot of stylistic choices, especially regarding my shading style. If not specified otherwise, please note that I will likely alter your character's palette slightly in order to suit the needs of the image. Please tell me beforehand if you want me to retain the colours of your character (although my use of altered palettes is a staple of my style, your mileage may vary if you ask for such)I may be willing to alter other stylistic choices; although I will not redraw the entire image.

I will draw the following:△ Animals (mammals, reptilia, aquatic creatures; anything, really), furries, monsters, humans, humanoids.△ Gore, ranging from blood all the way to guts/body horror. I will need greater communication for comfort if the latter is asked for, though.△ Characters that you do not own (including corporate owned characters, and other people's characters as long as you have had their permission for me to do so; I understand if the commission is a gift, so this is very case-by-case)△ Suggestive themes - like 'gore' above, though, I will need greater communication if asked for this.

I will not draw the following:△ Mechanical figures (mechs, mecha, cars, etc.) I'm genuinely not good at drawing them.△ Hateful material towards marginalized individuals.△ Pornography.△ Any under-aged characters in sexual situations/pedophilic content/"adult" characters in sexual situations, and intense violence against young children to young teenagers (I will not draw 10 year olds with knife wounds in them)△ Any fetishistic art of any groups of people, especially marginalized and/or vulnerable groups.△ If I personally am uncomfortable with the subject matter, I will inform you that I will not draw it. Sorry if this happens.

Above all, please communicate with me and don't be afraid to ask things if you're uncertain. I'll do my best to meet your needs.