...Sometimes I make things!

Things that take up space in my brain, and one day, maybe, hopefully, yours if you feel like giving them a look.My energy and attention is fairly sporadic, so these come and go!

Projects with set places to go have clickable titles that'll link you to wherever the project's information is stored. One day, that'll all be on here!... Hopefully!

Comics/Animations: An onsite archive of my longer/more elaborate projects and things that I want to share!

Characters: An onsite index of (some of) my characters, mostly ones that aren't associated with ongoing projects!

Sominatory: My dream log! Come read about whatever my subconsious likes to cook up.

Morrem: A worldbuilding project that mostly lives in my brain. A urban neo-fantasy world centering around the antics of Nihles and friends to experiment and play with RPG and adventure game tropes.

THE LESS HE SPOKE: (Currently on the backburner; may be retired all completely). Click and point mystery visual novel set in a fictional northeast coast city with heavy focus on character interactions and interrogative style puzzles.

Other Projects:

(The following projects are projects that I'm not the creator of, but I'm a part of (and that I'd like to show off as a result)! Please check them and their creators out!)

Oneirosea: A shonen inspired, cyberpunk and dream demon infested collaborative (open) worldbuilding/character project by squid! There's also a toyhouse world!

Ouroboros: An interdimensional facility stuck in an infinite loop, holding all sorts of various horrors. Closed worldbuilding/character project with friends!

...And perhaps more?