PRONOUNS they/she/he
AGE centuries
SPECIES ??? (Possessed)
ROLE horror/vent character

Formerly a priest of their world, gifted with the blessing of the gods to wish for anything. Kind and naive, they had failed to judge how easy it was to be made into a scapegoat- and suddenly, they found themself in a deep hole, in the eyes of a forgotten god. And thus, they made for the perfect host to eventually rise among the ranks of the living and spread ITs wrath, centuries later.
IT was once worshiped widely, and is now relegated to one lowly priest, bound together by ritual thanks to the meager opportunity IT found. IT is very annoyed by how soft and ineffectual Mortis is, but as it is fairly weak in this current state, IT is bound to them. As IT has essentially assimilated a core of Mortis's body, it keeps them barely alive, and communicates to Mortis directly by using Mortis's hijacked nervous system. IT wishes only for the destruction of the world rejected it- and with what little they can do, Mortis tries to reject ITs violence.
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