Hey, I'm Andrew, and I'm a pretty vivid dreamer. My dreams have a lot of clear, detailed imagery and tend to follow set narratives (even if the pov tends to range dramatically) or at least have relative cohesion. Sometimes, this makes for genuinely compelling stories- other times, my subconsious likes to make up fake internet drama. It likes to do this. A lot. (It's pretty funny, though).

If anything, this subsite is more like a 'best of' archive of my dreams- while I have a ton of mundane dreams or dreams that are too personal to share, I'm someone who dreams pretty much every time he sleeps and occasionally has really nice dreams (or just funny dreams, honestly), I'd like to mark some down to share.

I hope you like prying into whatever my brain cooks up! It's... Something!

Additional information + credits:

◈ This subsite is very inspired by my friends squid and Jani's dedicated dreamlog subsites. Go check them out!

◈ The fonts used for this subsite are Cutive and Walter Turncoat, licensed under the Open Font License for the former, and the Apache License for the latter.

◈ The background image is mine! It's a photo from my backyard of a particularily nice magic hour in the summer... With some halftones and editing magic added.